I had the privilege of attending a live presentation where Seth Godin — the always insightful, enlightening master marketer — spoke. His advice was so valuable, that I’d like to share it with you…



Copywriter/Brand Strategist

​Creative Director

Faith Kinslow is an award-winning copywriter who has been writing advertising and marketing communications for business-to-business and business-to-consumer clients for over 30 years. Having worked on a broad range of categories for large and small companies, she brings comprehensive experience as well as strong creative and strategic skills to every project. What makes her work so effective is her diligence and penetrating ability to dig deeper, learn about all facets of a product or service until she finds something unique. She then takes what she learns, and develops messaging that is both strategic and compelling.


That, in fact, is why she named her company True Identity Branding. It is the essence of her core marketing principle, and, as she says,  "If you examine a business closely, you will find some aspect that can be used to give it a unique identity. A good creative professional can take that information and develop something that’s fresh and memorable.”


​Thoughtful, strategic analysis and fresh thinking is what every business needs to excel. That's what Faith Kinslow has been providing to a diverse range of clients for many years, and why her work can capture your company's true identity, and convert the most appropriate market into customers and clients.

​“It’s essential to determine and communicate an attribute or benefit that a product or service can own. This is what creates a true identity and enables a brand to stand out in the marketplace."

What our clients are saying about us…

“Faith is our go-to for all copywriting. She is amazing at advertising copy and digital online writing. The key to her very effective writing is her ability to move the reader through the information, inspire them, and maneuver into their comfort zone where they are willing buy. She also contributes her strategic insights to our projects through creative direction of the art, which brings home the messaging in her copy. She has taken our clients to branded positioning, allowing them to as much as double annual revenues. We are honored to have Faith as our partner in all our marketing projects. She is my prize alliance!”


Michel Gunn, Owner, Gunn Media

“The projects that I worked on with Faith this past year have gone remarkably well due to her input, guidance and energy. Faith presented herself as a copywriter, at which she excels. I quickly learned to also appreciate her ability to define questions, design a strategy, bring in other people and implement a plan. In fact, she became the project leader in addition to being the copywriter. I am looking forward to watching our new project unfold this year.”


Kenneth Jacobs, Owner, M&F Stringing LLC

“Faith is a true professional providing well crafted creative copy rooted in the tenants of marketing communications, which she regularly refreshes herself on to keep up with the latest best practices. What sets Faith apart from other copywriters is her inner core of optimism and positive attitude towards meeting objectives in a timely fashion. Her discipline and structured approach to vet all requests with a careful eye on the details of a well constructed strategy brief helped ensure quality outcomes. Quick to contribute ideas in collaborative creative sessions, she is able to spark core messaging concepts. I would urge anyone that requires quality content production with the added infusion of a positive attitude to discover Faith.

Bruce Youmans, Director of Marketing, DealerTrack

“Faith’s expertise and professionalism mean the attainment of important goals and objectives. But it is not merely her extensive knowledge of marketing communications and copywriting that makes her so valuable. Her high-level skills in a wide array of advertising and marketing subjects — such as brand development, strategic marketing, direct marketing and coordinated marketing campaigns — mean her insights and contributions carry the gravity of in-depth experience. Yet she brings even more to any project and any work place. She is such a positive influence that she affects those around her with her bright energy and optimism. Her exuberance is contagious, and she channels that vigor into moving projects forward. As to her wordcraft, she is diligent, exacting, fastidious, and meticulous. She constructs brisk, vital prose and expertly compelling copy. Her knowledge of vocabulary and grammar is superlative; her feel for the right word and the right way to express a message is spot-on. She has a depth of proficiency in skills that assure success.
I recommend her wholeheartedly, enthusiastically and without reservation or hesitation. I miss working with her.”

Christopher Mader, Web Designer and Graphic Production Artist

Brand strategy. Copywriting. Art direction. Logos. Websites. Digital content. Print. Direct mail. Corporate communications.

At True Identity Branding, we do all things marketing. But, what’s key is that we do it differently — infusing our work with customized, laser-effective strategies and captivating creative.

We don’t settle for mediocrity. We hope you don’t either. So…

Take the step. Call us to find out how your business can take a groundbreaking leap.

Enlarge your circle of clients.

Branding your Business Successfully:
The mindset, the message and the money

by Faith Kinslow

Want to brand your business successfully? Understanding what it takes will save you money spent on ineffective marketing as well as years of struggle. It can even help you leapfrog over fierce competitors.

Deliver what you promise — without fail.

The foundation of becoming a great brand is being honest, and delivering what you promise. Of course, the product or service you offer should be of good quality — that’s essential if you want a sustainable business and loyal customers.

Yet, there are many companies that are honest, fulfill their promises and offer good products. Why don't they achieve brand success? Just take a look at the part mindset and messaging play.

The mindset: there's no one else like you in your category.

When I think of a great company, my mind immediately goes to Apple. Why? Because they not only make exceptional products, they also create outstanding marketing.

Their attention to every detail elevates them far beyond the competition. You sense the company’s confidence in the superiority of their products. They are in a different category, and this attitude is clearly communicated.

The message.

The best television commercial I ever saw was Apple’s “1984” spot introducing the Macintosh computer. Even though it was shown only once, decades ago, on the Super Bowl, I found it to be unforgettable, an epic in 60 seconds. The spot ends with a voiceover and scrolling text that reads: "On January 24th, Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh. And you'll see why 1984 won't be like Nineteen Eighty-Four."

This costly commercial was shown only once, exhibiting the commitment and confidence of this extraordinary brand. Since that time, Apple has continued to show leadership in their marketing and products.

Mind your mindset.

It can be intimidating when you have strong competition, but, if you believe in your product, you can act with confidence. Show that confidence and commitment with marketing that's bold, and promotions that surprise and delight your prospects. And, always make sure that your communications speak to your audience clearly, directly and intimately.

Do you know your audience? Get to know them even better. How else can you create a message that resonates with them and moves them to buy?

Want messaging that sells?

Contact faith@trueidentitybranding.com


Hear Faith Kinslow’s interview on
“How to Brand Your Business”

sponsored by the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce.
(See what professionals are saying about the interview—
beneath the podcast link below.)





“Great Podcast!! Brilliantly insightful! I never comment on these things but I am compelled to share with all that this is the BEST commentary that I have heard on the topic and I have been supporting the marketing field for well over 28 years!”

"Great interview. I could not have answered those questions any more concisely and accurately. Most people don't understand the breadth of marketing - 1. Strategy, 2. Asset Development, 3. Promotion. As Faith pointed out, the only thing the consumer sees is promotion - the tip of the marketer's iceberg."


The brand strategy

every business needs.


Every company wants to have great marketing. However…

when you look around, you realize that most companies’ attempts fall very short. If you don’t want your marketing to suffer that fate, you need to understand these basic branding principles…


To brand your business successfully, it's vital that you first develop a brand strategy.

The strategy provides the direction for every piece of communication — whether it’s print, digital or broadcast. This is critical in developing a persuasive message that convinces your true prospects that your product or service is worth purchasing.


Your two options.

If you are going to hire marketing professionals to develop a strategy for your business, you need to make sure they are  capable of creating a sound one. The only way you can evaluate this is to have knowledge about it yourself. If you can’t afford to hire an agency, you have an even greater need for this knowledge because you will have to develop a strategy.


In either case, understanding what a brand strategy consists of will help you create more effective communications. Even if you are taking advantage of free or low-cost media vehicles such as social media, emails, postcards and brochures, if your message isn’t strategically on target, you are wasting opportunities crucial to your success.  I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have a strategy in place before you write even one word.


How a strategy helps your business thrive.

The strategy clarifies what is most important to communicate, what attributes should be highlighted, how it should be communicated, to whom it should be communicated, the target audience’s needs, desires, pain points, etc., etc. A strategy is as important as having a road map (or a GPS) when you are lost. This will help you create marketing materials that target your true prospects effectively and let them know why your product or service will be of great value to them.


The brand strategy demystified.

A brand strategy is a document that asks several critical questions. Each needs to be answered carefully, based on facts about your product's benefits and the needs in the market. It’s also important to develop your answers objectively.


Developing a strategy takes time and should be thoughtfully executed. Take one question at a time and think it through. Be thorough. Research the category. Write down your thoughts. And come back to it in a few days to gain perspective, and new insights. If you are not a marketing professional and are stumped, I advise you to hire one — even if it's for just a few hours to get you on track.


If you'd like the professional brand strategy I developed and use, you can get it below.



Good luck. Should you want professional help, feel free to contact me. I have helped many businesses develop a sound strategy and memorable, effective marketing.




















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