“Faith is our go-to for all copywriting. She is amazing at advertising copy and digital online writing. The key to her very effective writing is her ability to move the reader through the information, inspire them, and maneuver into their comfort zone where they are willing buy. She also contributes her strategic insights to our projects through creative direction of the art, which brings home the messaging in her copy. She has taken our clients to branded positioning, allowing them to as much as double annual revenues. We are honored to have Faith as our partner in all our marketing projects. She is my prize alliance!”  - Michel Gunn, Owner, Gunn Media


“Faith’s expertise and professionalism mean the attainment of important goals and objectives. But it is not merely her extensive knowledge of marketing communications and copywriting that makes her so valuable.
Her high-level skills in a wide array of advertising and marketing subjects — such as brand development, strategic marketing, direct marketing and coordinated marketing campaigns — mean her insights and contributions carry the gravity of in-depth experience. Yet she brings even more to any project and any work place. She is such a positive influence that she affects those around her with her bright energy and optimism. Her exuberance is contagious, and she channels that vigor into moving projects forward. As to her wordcraft, she is diligent, exacting, fastidious, and meticulous. She constructs brisk, vital prose and expertly compelling copy. Her knowledge of vocabulary and grammar is superlative; her feel for the right word and the right way to express a message is spot-on. She has a depth of proficiency in skills that assure success. I recommend her wholeheartedly, enthusiastically and without reservation or hesitation. I miss working with her.”
- Christopher Mader, Web Designer and Graphic Production Artist


“The projects that I worked on with Faith this past year have gone remarkably well due to her input, guidance and energy. Faith presented herself as a copywriter, at which she excels. I quickly learned to also appreciate her ability to define questions, design a strategy, bring in other people and implement a plan. In fact she became the project leader in addition to being the copywriter. I am looking forward to watching our new project unfold this year.” - Kenneth Jacobs, Owner, M&F Stringing LLC


“Faith is a true professional providing well crafted creative copy rooted in the tenants of marketing communications, which she regularly refreshes herself on to keep up with the latest best practices. What sets Faith apart from other copywriters is her inner core of optimism and positive attitude towards meeting objectives in a timely fashion. Her discipline and structured approach to vet all requests with a careful eye on the details of a well constructed strategy brief helped ensure quality outcomes. Quick to contribute ideas in collaborative creative sessions, she is able to spark core messaging concepts. I would urge anyone that requires quality content production with the added infusion of a positive attitude to discover Faith.
- Bruce Youmans, Director of Marketing, DealerTrack


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