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“Great Podcast!! Brilliantly insightful! I never comment on these things but I am compelled to share with all that this is the BEST commentary that I have heard on the topic and I have been supporting the marketing field for well over 28 years! ”


"Great interview. I could not have answered those questions any more concisely and accurately. Most people don't understand the breadth of marketing - 1. Strategy, 2. Asset Development, 3. Promotion. As faith pointed out, the only thing the consumer sees is promotion - the tip of the marketer's iceberg."


"I just listened to your interview...wonderful!!! It was very insightful!"


“Thanks for sharing this great podcast interview! It helps to be reminded to continually ask those questions of your brand and business each day.”


“That was a great interview and very informative.”


“You really nailed those questions.”


“Just finished listening to your MCC PodCast. Great job! Articulate and very well thought-out answers.''


Brand your Business Successfully:
The mindset, the message and the money

by Faith Kinslow

If you want to brand your business successfully, the tried and true principles and great branding examples discussed here should put you on the right track.


Understanding what it takes may inspire you to leapfrog over competitors. But, even if you have less heady aspirations, these principles could save you years of struggle — and help you avoid wasting your marketing budget.


Deliver what you promise — without fail.

The foundation of becoming a great brand is being honest, and delivering what you promise. Of course, the product or service you offer should be of good quality — that’s essential if you want a sustainable business and loyal customers.


Yet, there are many companies that are honest, fulfill their promises and offer good products. Why don't they achieve brand success? Just take a look at the part mindset and messaging play.


The mindset: there's no one else like you in your category.

When I think of great branding, my mind immediately goes to Apple. Why? Because they not only make exceptional products, they also create outstanding marketing.


You may think to yourself, “Well, I can’t afford to create branding like Apple — after all, look at how much they spend.” I would respond, “Before Apple spent one marketing dollar, it was already creating a brand that was different and better.”

Their attention to detail, every detail — from the outside of their computers to the inside of the machine works — made you aware that you were dealing with an industrial work of art. In fact, Apple took — and still takes — such pride in their work that they make it difficult  for anyone else to go near the inner workings. The mini-micro screws that can't be opened with any screwdriver but Apple’s, ensure that. Yes, Steve Jobs was a fanatic about quality and would not cut corners for a larger profit.


So, the mindset that really moves the needle entails having the belief that the product you offer is better than your competitors' products. You are in a different category, and you are laser-focused on continuing to create the best product possible. This attitude should also be transmitted through your marketing.


The message.

Possibly the best television

commercial I ever saw was the Apple 1984 Super Bowl spot introducing the Macintosh computer. Even though it was shown decades ago, Apple's "1984" TV spot is unforgettable, an epic in 60 seconds. There, we see human beings, marching drone-like, into a large, non-descript grey room. Seating themselves, they face a big screen, which is showing an image of a man speaking to them, presumably “Big Brother”. In control of their world, and spouting propaganda, he is an ominous figure. As people are watching
the screen, a young woman in athletic attire runs into the room while being chased by police officers. As the police get closer, she throws a large hammer at the screen, smashing the image of the official, destroying the screen, and shocking the people watching.


The commercial ends with a voiceover and scrolling text that reads:
"On January 24th, Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh. And you'll see why 1984 won't be like Nineteen Eighty-Four."


This expensive television commercial was only shown once, exhibiting the commitment and confidence of this extraordinary brand. Some years later, Apple's "Think different" campaign, featuring figures like Einstein and Andy Warhol, captured our attention again, and showed that this innovative company has no equal. It possesses vision, will, strength and intelligence.


Your brand. Your choice. Your chance.

I believe a prerequisite to creating a great brand is offering the very highest quality product or service that you can, and going the distance in helping your customers. That level of quality and care is noticed by your prospects, and will eventually lead to a business of loyal customers.


Mind your mindset.

It can be intimidating when you have strong competition, but, if you believe in your product, you can act with confidence. Show that confidence and commitment with marketing that's bold, and promotions that surprise and delight your prospects. And, always make sure that your communications speak to your audience clearly, directly and intimately.


Do you know your audience? Get to know them even better. How else can you form a message that resonates with them and moves them to buy?


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