Faith Kinslow
Copywriter/Brand Strategist

​Creative Director

Faith Kinslow is an award-winning copywriter who has been writing advertising and marketing communications for business-to-business and business-to-consumer clients for over 30 years. Having worked on a broad range of categories for large and small companies, she brings comprehensive experience as well as strong creative and strategic skills to every project. What makes her work so effective is her diligence and penetrating ability to dig deeper, learn about all facets of a product or service until she finds something unique. She then takes what she learns, and develops messaging that is both strategic and compelling.


That, in fact, is why she named her company True Identity Branding. It is the essence of her core marketing principle, and, as she says,  "If you examine a business closely, you will find some aspect that can be used to give it a unique identity. A good creative professional can take that information and develop something that’s fresh and memorable.”


​Thoughtful, strategic analysis and fresh thinking is what every business needs to excel. That's what Faith Kinslow has been providing to a diverse range of clients for many years, and why her work can capture your company's true identity, and convert the most appropriate market into customers and clients.

​“It’s essential to determine and communicate an attribute or benefit that a product or service can own. This is what creates a true identity and enables a brand to stand out in the marketplace."

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